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700 Slum Children’s Lives Got Affected At Fire Accident

700 Slum Children’s Lives Got Affected At Fire Accident

After analyzing the data provided by Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence, a rising trend in the fire-related incidents is seen starting from 2006 to 2018. In 2006, a total of 9, 542 fire incidents took place all over the country in which 91 people lost their lives and 873 were injured; whereas, the casualties including 130 deaths and 664 injuries took place in 19,642 fire incidents in 2018.

Nowadays fire incidents in the city’s different areas are nothing new. Cramped buildings, narrow alleyways, lack of fire security kits are often considered a recipe for disasters.

On 14th March 2020, a fire broke out in a slum in the city’s Rayer Bazar area. The flames quickly spread to adjacent areas. Large sections of the slum were completely destroyed. So far 43 households have been affected in the fire. The fire also reached the VCF  at Rayer Bazar, burning almost 9 rooms including 5 classrooms. Till now, we have learnt that a huge amount of books, shelves, benches, desks, walls, rooftops along with the classrooms have been burned in the aggression of this horrifying fire.

Fire Accedient at JAAGO Foundation Rayer Bazar School

The slum is also home to many of the students, whose homes were damaged in the fire yesterday. It is not still clear what caused the fire.

Fire at JAAGO School
We thank the Almighty that it was a holiday for the school and students were not present on the premises; otherwise, there could have been a serious number of fatalities.

We appeal to all our sponsors and well-wishers to stand beside us and our students in this time of need and provide assistance to us so that we can ensure that the children can get back to their homes and their classrooms as soon as possible. Your help and contribution will help these children and their families to get back on their feet.

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